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Educational Initiatives

Merasi School

The Merasi School tutorial offers community-driven classrooms providing elementary tutoring in English and Hindi, as well as math, science, and basic computer skills. The community defined the original school concept and objectives.

With basic education in government schools being unreliable for many low caste children, and private schools unaffordable, it has been a viable alternative since 2007.

Today free access and the curriculum is built around Merasi input, giving each student the support, respect, and responsibility necessary to be a community peer teacher and leader. 

It has impacted 600+ children since opening its doors.


Children eagerly take ownership of their education and workspace maintenance. Ranging in age from 4 to 16, students are divided into four classes by skill level.


Responding to covid lockdown while awaiting the reopening of school, teachers and staff produce bi-monthly Merasi GO remote home booklets for distribution.


Music Preservation Programs

Music Merasi

Music Merasi, taught by community members, advances both perpetuation and restoration of a once endangered legacy, by striking a balance between the core value of pride in cultural identity along with musical aptitude.


Before the pandemic, classes focusing on traditional music met six days per week following Merasi School. By inviting recognized and accomplished musicians to demonstrate their craft, visiting Master events introduce children to ancient materials and instruments unique to their community.

Sammelans - Children’s Meetings

FAR sponsors gatherings at Lok Kala Sagar Sansthan, advocacy hub of the Merasi Intangible Cultural Heritage. Youth leaders guide remote village children assembled together at least four times a year to share experiences, play music, and rally toward the common goals of self knowledge and worth.


Starting with only 12 children in 2014, the most recent 21st Sammelan, themed "Resilience", welcomed over 120 youth from Jaisalmer and outlying areas.

Long-Term Alliances

Waterbridge Outreach Books

WBO Books & Water reaches out globally and has over years joined forces with us to amplify efforts offering children hope by nourishing their minds with books, their bodies with clean and ample water, along with gender-specific lavatory construction at Merasi School.

Pratham Books

Pratham democratises access to books so that every Indian child can discover the joys of reading. All India Read Day has been a favorite annual event at Merasi School. FAR 2021 “Spark Curiosity” Campaign raised


topical pocket libraries that will hang on classroom walls, displaying the STEM books donated by Pratham.

Playing For Change

Dedicated to the belief that music is our common language, PFC builds music schools for children around the world. Music Merasi participates annually in Playing For Change Day. Cultivating a deep sense of dignity, equality and belonging, youth join multicultural musicians of all ages together raising funds supporting new schools.

Forging Ahead

American India Foundation

AIF Fellows are diverse, young professionals from India and the U.S. who bring a passion for community-based development. 


Altruistic individuals are placed with partnering Indian NGOs to solve pressing social, environmental, and economic challenges. 

Lok Kala Sagar Sansthan in 2019 and 2020, was awarded a Clinton Fellow to collaborate with Merasi teachers on enhancing educational programming.

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