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Catapult Our Goals Into Action – Dec 2020

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

FOLK ARTS RAJASTHAN Education is always the smart path to Social Justice

It remains crucial that studies be offered to Merasi children who spent nearly all 2020 without electricity, education, ample food and water. Our honor and challenge is asking you to care, and if able, make Your Holiday Donation.

No matter how hungry Merasi School kids in Jaisalmer still are, they do not stop asking when the door will reopen. We have no answer. We try to meet their needs head-on as being the sole source of free, dignified and equitable learning.

lacking electricity, technology, or even phones Merasi GO Booklets fill the bill

Young adults like Saina and Sitara who grew up in FAR programs you support are key players orchestrating student survival plus educational need. You foster greater steps of the imperative self-sufficiency in this rising leadership.

LKSS Director Sarwar assembles MerasiGO materials with Teacher Saina & student Irphan

YOU well know the love, trust and commitment of our FARmily – the mighty collective of interns, volunteers, donors and allies powering consequential initiatives. All speak to the Potent Truth that education along with the preservation of pride within a unique musical culture are goals making a difference – bar none!

You Catapult Our Goals

Sustain FAR

We look towards 2021 having successfully scouted a former Clinton Fellow ready to make a difference in the development sector at Merasi School.

Fund a progressive consultant engaging on the ground long term with the Merasi School Staff. Fresh curriculum innovation and their unique Intangible Cutural Heritage must be reinstated upfront and center.

Just before lockdown, Ralph trained his skillful lens at the Merasi School world

We continuously learn resilience from the Jaisalmer Merasi We learn and recharge by your support *Together, We Apply Our Very Best* You Catapult Our Goals “One Hand on the Pen, One Hand on the Drum, All Hands Resolute” Folk Arts Rajasthan 314 E 84th St #11 New York, NY 10028 +1 212.628.7210


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